Everything you expect and everything you want in an appliance.
Modern premium
The practical, made easy
This is Hyundai’s global motto as a brand. But in addition to a slogan, it is a promise: the promise that we always exist, wherever we are, to improve people’s lives. Our products pursue that simple and complex goal at the same time: helping our appliances make your life better.

Don’t give up on anything, with Hyundai you can have it all.
We are committed to developing a product that is reliable and functional in technology, and at the same time making accessible to everyone the benefits of the highest ranges of household appliances.

Here you can buy all the Hyundai appliances that we currently have in stock. If you want a product that is not in stock, click on links below to access the Svan website and catalogues. If you prefer, get in touch with us and we will assist you.