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A young company with a career in the appliance market of approximately 10 years with a wide range of products.

Svan began its journey in this market by washing and cold, although, today, its catalog is extensive and has crossed the threshold of the white range to enter the world of television and air conditioning. “Today we work the entire white line in general, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, microwaves, countertops … In addition, innovation is reflected in all our products, for example, with dryers that incorporate heat pump and A ++ energy efficiency” . And he continues, “we are growing in embedded and we have jumped to other segments such as air conditioning, ventilation and even television, a very difficult market, but in which we want to follow the commercial line we have contributed with Svan to the white range. In this sense, we work with devices between 22 and 55 inches, with 4K, WiFi, Smart TV … “.

The profitability and the margin are two very valuable goods in our sector and Svan has known how to make them their own, turning them into the basic pillars of the brand. “We started with first price products, but as we have grown we have realized that our client needed a brand that was, above all, profitable, because, in our sector, the price has dropped a lot and profitability has been lost. Our main goal, in this sense, is for our client to earn money. How do we get it? Offering a product of medium-high range at a low-medium price and betting on niche markets that have been leaving other brands and are very attractive. For this reason, we have grown a lot in kitchens and we are also doing it in the inside, in refrigerators with special widths …, in short, with products that bring a plus to the consumer ”

Here you can buy all the SVAN appliances that we currently have in stock. If you want a product that is not in stock click on the following link to access the Svan website and get in touch with us and we will make arrangements to request it.